03 numbers are non-geographic telephone numbers which were announced by the UK communications regulator Ofcom in February 2007. They are formally known as UK-wide numbers and were introduced to provide clarity to consumers for number ranges which fell confusingly into similar ranges that yielded dramatically different charges.

The major benefit of 03 UK-wide numbers are that they are included in any free minutes packages provided with calling plans from both fixed and mobile service providers. This is contrary to traditional 08 type UK numbers which are generally not considered part of mobile calling plans, in many cases this includes free to call numbers like 0800 and 0808 numbers.

In conclusion, 03 numbers provide inclusive minute calls from fixed and mobile services but provide geographic anonymity, so your customers will feel you have a UK-wide presence yet will still be able to call you as part of their mobile minutes package.

What do 03 Numbers Cost ?

The numbers are supplied free of charge with the following call rates applied, valid as of March 1st 2015. All prices are in pence per minute excluding VAT, per second billing.


Number Type Diverting To
Landline Mobile SIP/Trunk
03 Geographic 1.5 16 FREE

£5 + VAT set up, £5 + VAT per month rental, No long term contract – only 30 days written notice needed to cancel.

Per second billing, Fully itemised monthly billing by direct debit, credit or debit card.

How do 03 numbers work ?
When your customer dials your new number our system automatically forwards your calls to wherever you want. This can be a mixture of your office, home, mobile phone, Voice over IP system or a combination of all these with Multi-Ring. This happens immediately, the caller hears a normal UK ring tone and your telephone rings. You answer the phone as normal and speak with the caller, once your call has ended our system works out the exact cost of the call down to the second. This charge is then added to your account and at the end of the month we send you a breakdown by email with your invoice.